Compelling strategies for global airfreight
Industry studies indicate that global air cargo traffic is expected to triple over the next 20 years. That means more goods will travel farther by air to more places than ever before.

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings is ready to meet that challenge.

As this demand continues to increase, we believe the supply of suitable freighter aircraft will not keep pace due to limited new-production capacity, limited passenger-to-freighter conversions and the anticipated retirement of aging, fuel-thirsty aircraft. The need for high-efficiency, wide-body freighters will therefore be greater than ever.

That’s why we offer some compelling and innovative outsourcing strategies to support the continued growth of global airfreight:

  • Individually tailored leases that enable our customers to seamlessly operate the world’s leading freighter with experienced crews, expert maintenance and insurance coverage.
  • Aircraft-only leases that make it possible for our customers to take advantage of market opportunities without having to invest in freighters.
  • Flexible and reliable charter flights to support the logistics needs of our customers in some of the world’s leading industries.
  • Highly experienced air-cargo professionals providing valuable services to enable customers to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.